Gemini Choker Necklace

I just finished a new jewelry making video that shows how to make a Gemini Choker Necklace.

I was at Joanne’s a couple of weeks ago and was browsing around while my daughter was off searching for something.

I came across a section showing many different lace ribbon designs and I started thinking about how I could use those ribbons to combine with swarovski beads to create a choker necklace.

I decided to purchase a black ribbon with small loops hanging off the bottom to see what I could create to hang from those loops.

I toyed with putting a drop in the middle as the focal point but it was too heavy and pulled the ribbon out of shape.

So I used some 4mm bicone beads in two colors, black and topaz, and used double right angle weave to create a small flower shaped focal point.

After that, I hung small 3mm beads off loops surrounding the focal point just three on each side. I looked at going even further up the ribbon but I didn’t like the look when it got too far toward the top of the necklace.

One thing I learned quickly was that if you do your pinwork and connect directl to the loops on the ribbon, the pinwork can get easily hung up in the fabric.

What I did instead was use jump rings through each of the loops and then attached the beads with pinwork to the jump rings.

I think the design lends itself to using some lighter color beads as well to create a different look. For example, using pink and red beads might make a cute choker necklace for a younger girl.

One thing I would recommend though is to stay with the black colored ribbon because keep in mind that you will not be able to wash the jewelry and the lighter color ribbons will probably start to look a little dirty after prolonged use.
If you are interested you can visit  this link:  How to make jewelry