For most people, jewelry making starts off as nothing more than a hobby however it can quickly turn into a potential money making business if you have time to spare and the inclination. Hand made jewelry is always popular and if you can make items that have a certain uniqueness to them they are bound to sell well.

Jewelry makings a hobby

Taking jewelry making up as a hobby is a great way to see if you have a talent for it before spending big money on loads of supplies. You can try your hand at different types of jewelry e.g. necklaces, earrings, bracelets, broaches etc. and various styles for very little outlay in the first instance.

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By asking the opinions of friends and family members you can get a useful idea of how good you are at jewelry making…and whether it is worth you considering selling your products either locally or on the internet. You can wear the items you make and see if they attract attention, or make special items as little gifts for loved ones. You’ll quickly discover if you have a hidden talent and the makings of a small business.

Jewelry making as a business

There are various ways to turn your jewelry making hobby into a successful business. The first would be to make individual pieces of jewelry for friends, family members, work colleagues etc. for the cost of the materials and no more. You need to develop a customer base early on so that word of mouth can take over and advertise your talents.

In addition to selling your products to people close to you, you can also list them on internet auction sites and jewelry making websites or you can even rent a cart for a weekend in your local shopping mall. In order to do this you’ll need to have a good stock of already-made jewelry items so that you have pieces to hand when required.

A few helpful tips for jewelry makers

Regardless of whether you decide to make jewelry as a hobby or to sell you should get into the habit of photographing your finished pieces. These photos can then act as a reminder of everything you’ve ever made and as a portfolio to show any potential customers…even if you don’t initially think of them as customers.

Another good tip with regards to jewelry making is to try making as many different types and styles of jewelry as you can early on. You’ll probably find you have a penchant for one or two types of jewelry and it might help to focus on them if you are thinking of starting a small business.

Most novice jewelry makers use patterns and project ideas from the internet to start with and this is a great way of learning the basics. Once you have a few projects finished though it might be worth trying your own ideas – even if they are just variations of items you’ve already made.

The sooner you start using your own imagination the sooner you’ll start adding personality and individuality into your jewelry…and it is this individuality that people are most willing to pay for.