Creativity in Making Jewelry

One of the most exciting aspects about jewelry making is that you are going to be able to use your creativity to its maximum. Designer jewelry is simply composed of great creativity and superb marketing.  Not only do you get to choose colors and the variety of stones and mediums used for jewelry but the design as well.

All of this means though that there is much to learn which basically will be broken into three areas. This is learning about the materials used, the techniques and types of jewelry and finally the design. Without all three of these components, you will not have designer jewelry.  Here are some facts concerning these three categories.

Learning about the Materials

Most likely, your initial thought about jewelry making and what you are going to require is the beads and stones. Of course, these are a very important part of jewelry making but not nearly all of the requirements.  Here are some of the major items you are going to need.

  • You will need the material that you are going to string your beads on. For example, this can be jewelry thread, wire, elastic threads and even fishing line can be used in some cases. With designer jewelry, even this simple item can be critical to the design.
  • Then there are the various clasps. For example, if you are making a necklace then you need an interlocking clasp. If you are making earrings then you need the wires or clasps. There is a wide selection of these and each have their pros and cons and specific uses.
  • Then there are the stones, jewels and beads. Again, you will soon learn to broaden your horizons when it comes to these items. You are going to have many choices as to the materials that each of these are made from as well.
Each of these items lends itself to the overall finished piece of designer jewelry.

Learning about the Techniques.

For the beginner it may seem that you simply string a series of beads onto a thread for example and that’s basically it. Well it can be but that soon leads to boredom and you start looking for other types of techniques. This is the birth of designer jewelrythat all starts with your desire for creativity.

There are several techniques and most of them are categorized into their degree of difficulty.  You are soon going to come across terms such as brick stitch, flat square, or plain knotted just to name a very few. In addition, there will be different finishing techniques as well. how to make jewelry

Designer Jewelry

Now your initial thought may be when it comes to designer jewelrythat this is only something that the rich and famous wear. This concept comes from there being a few chosen designers who have become renowned for their work as a result of the interest of these influential people.

In its true form though designer jewelryis any piece of jewelry that has been uniquely designed and is not mass-produced. It doesn’t necessary mean that it has to have been designed by one of the famed jewelry designers.

If you have made a piece of jewelry from your own creativity then in essence you have made designer jewelry.